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From the Pastor's Pen: Congressman John Lewis

by Bishop Milton R. Hawkins on July 28, 2020
John Lewis is owed a debt of gratitude from all of us. He was a fearless, enthusiastic, no- nonsense leader, who championed the fight for equality and justice. His involvement as a young man, demonstrated his courage to stand against racism and mistreatment of people of color. His bravery inspired others in the fight for justice. Obviously,...
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From the Pastor's Pen: George Floyd

by Bishop Milton R. Hawkins on June 5, 2020
Our hearts are saddened by the recent manslaughter of an African American man at the hands of a Law Enforcement Officer sworn to protect and serve the community. Mr. George Floyd was face down on...
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From the Pastor's Pen

by Bishop Milton R. Hawkins on April 18, 2020
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has devastated countries and economies across the globe. Unfortunately, many lives have been lost to this dreaded and invisible enemy. COVID-19 has proven to be...
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Coping with Sheltering at Home during COVID-19 (American Red Cross)

by TOD on March 26, 2020
Local and state officials are using shelter-at-home (sometimes called shelter-in-place) orders to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). By staying home, people can help minimize how many...
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